Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm a blessed cool , youthful girl :)

I'm blessed ,I'm cool , popular , have loads of people who like me , I'm youthful and smart and have lots of money , I'm pretty and cute and thin and fit , i'm an extrovert and outgoing and talkative and have high energy :) . I love to dance and i dance very very very very well ! , in the Gym and in the parties . All the clothes i try on in the store fit me SO WELL! , i have loads of clothes from everything i need , shorts , skirts ,dresses , pants , tops , T-shirts, cardigans , sweaters , swim suits ,Bikinis , Gym clothes ( i always buy clothes for the gym from  Nike and Adidas , Reebok and Lululemon,Zumba clothes ) oh , and i also have loads of shoes (Tenies shoes , sandals , shoes , flats , Toms , heels , wedges. Boots ..etc ) . I have ambitions that the sky is my  limit in my number of  ambitions , like i have my own line in Jewelery designs , i also i'm giving dancing classes like Zumba and R & B to young kids (Transforming them into cool kids :)) , I have my own brand in T-shirts designs , and I'm selling them . My friend and i want to open a boutique store and ofcourse my Jewlery and T-shirts will be there . I have also made sketches of little kids clothes on my sketch book and thinking of designing clothes for little kids and babies :) .

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