Monday, August 19, 2013



You know those that :

Wear  unmatched clothes or uncool clothes.

Are VERY smart intellectually yet VERY dumb Socially (like they don't have social skills ).

They are shy and don't have confidence .

Are tooooooooooooooo Introverted and either have a couple of nerdy / geeky friends or friends that are losers (like them) or are total loners like have no one single friend.

They aren't popular at ALL .

They are too genuine and too honest.

They get happy and excited about stuff and show their true emotions like when they find something that makes them sad they get sad infront of all the people or happy and excited infront of anyone .

Usually aren't good looking like they are too skinny and white or Overweight , and have skin issues and wear glasses and sometimes wear braces or they are simply UGLY!

The type of interests they have are so geeky or nerdy.

The Type of movies they watch are usually science fiction or inappropriate movies (you know way underage movies ).

They are childish ( not the sort of cool immaturtity and naughty charming  childishness ) but the nerdy , geeky childishness, you know they still do their hair in pig tails  or put little girls hair bands ,or wear clothes that a 5th grader would wear, and like / do way younger than their age  stuff .

Their best friend is usually  a family member.

They are so close to their mothers.

The songs they listen to aren't popular or cool , they are usually old fashioned songs or uncool songs and sometimes they don't even listen to music .

They sleep way too early.

They don't have good hygiene.

They aren't High maintanence.

They don't know what is in style and what is cool.

They don't party or drink or go to clubs or concerts.

They aren't loved or liked .

They don't know people around them and people usually don't know them . 

They usually don't have a social life .

They are ALWAYS on the computer .

Their Job is usually NOT cool!

I've heard that some people with autism and other uncool mental illnesses can be labeled as a nerd or a geek , so you can't blame them since their disease isn't self -made (but either or i don't like them) , others don't have autism or/and other uncool mental illness they are just simply NERDS or GEEKS .

I HATE ANY GEEK / NERD/LOSER (regardless of the reason to why they are this way )

All i can do is thank God  a million times that i was born cool and would be forever a cool , popular chick !!

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