Friday, May 4, 2012

You are LUCKY if

Consider yourself LUCKY (like me :) ) if You have a thin body , or small thin bones , instead of a curvy body like an hourglass or pear shaped , becaue lets face it , no one says that a curvy body is pretty .. in this day and age , and i think it will always be that the thin girl is the pretty one , also clothes look good on thin people , and it's easier for them to find clothes . You have a good relationship with your parents , espcially father . You have an extroverted personality , instead of being an introvert. You have many friends. You have clear skin. you have a good relationship with ALL of your siblings. You have lots of money.. You love your job. You are successful . You are goodlooking. You don't have a psychological or mental illness. You have brothers AND sisters (and they are all good to you ). YOu have a life . You are under 30 . You look younger than your age. You have more than one buisness and all of them are successful . Your parents are still young or hip and outgoing. You know how to communicate with Alot of people . You don't have sweet tooth . You EAT and EAT yet you burn alot of calories so you don't gain weight . You have a loving family instead of a dysfunctional family . You drive. you are independent. People like/love you . You are popular and loved. You found the right one and married before you are 30 , and if you had kids before 30 that's double the pleasure . You don't have curves , like full thighs , big bust and a big tummy and hips and full legs . You work in a COOL , FUN job . You are very smart , yet it doesn't interfere with socializing. You are very creative. You do your job perfectly . You lived your youth. You love yourself.

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