Monday, April 30, 2012

Some thoughts

Dunno what's up with blogger , as i can't change the font nor the size of the font !, i wrote this post in bullet points, but i don't know why blogger isn't allowing me to write them in bullet points ,so instead it's written in one HUGE paragraph!, reading it this way doesn't make sense !, it's by reading them as bullet points, each point alone is what makes sense !, so try to read each point alone, is all i can say ! .Not every person who doesn’t complain about his/her job is satisfied and happy about his/her job. .I love to go to sleep , so that I can see you in my dreams . .I don’t get Siblings who do A LOT of things together , like they work together , talk about lots of things, go to the gym together , even married couple don’t do those many things together ! It’s weird to be your sibling’s best friend and your sibling is your only friend that you do a lot of things together and talk about anything and everything especially if you are the same sex, even twins aren’t that close and each has an independent life and own set of friends ,ohh and being so close to your sibling while not having friends is so uncool. .I believe if you truly love a person you wont send mix messages ,and you’ll let the person know that you truly love him / her . .I wish you weren’t real, you know … like you were a mirage you know like how thirsty people see water in the desert but there is no water ,same goes to you , so that I wouldn’t feel bad for leaving the charming and lovable you ,and would move on with my life and think of other things . Thank God that I am not an extension of my mother . I am my own person . .I’ve got two annoying siblings, lately the older one is getting on my nerves maybe because I see and interact with him on a daily basis , my younger brother is just as annoying , they both have anger issues , bossy-ness , control issues , selfishness and personality disorder . I love them both because they are my siblings , but they can’t help being annoying! . .Why mention others age when you hate to mention yours , most probably these people hate to mention their age as well?! .Why change the gym to another one , just because your sibling goes to it , if you loved the gym trainers in the gym you used to go to , why not stay there ?! .It’s cute to have a small body with small/little curves in the RIGHT places , other than that the girl is someone to be pitted (if she is over weight . has a pear body shape….etc)

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