Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some ramblings

Oh well ,
I detest and hate girls that are dependent and are weak and those people that are so close to thier parents that they share alot of things together and talk about alot of issues instead of being cool independent rebels . I never get along with my parents, i am an independent girl that can do alot of things by herself and has many people that love her . I also hate from the bottom of my heart shy and introverted girls , you know those that get invited to parties and instead of them being the life of the party they will be sitting alone like uncool loners .I LOVE to dance ! , i dance in the gym like Zumba and latin and body jam and dance in the clubs and dance in weddings , you'll find me dancing when there are people dancing .
I also hate food !, thank God i have a petite and thin small figure that doesn't crave food , instead crave socializing and partying and having fun !.I hate quite people , i ramble on the interent and in real life ,quite people are so boring so..dull so want to shake them into coming to life !.I also hate girls that don't know how to take care of thier looks and those who don't care to take care of thier looks that's why they eat and never care if they get fat,they don't take time to dress , in 10 minutes they are ready to go out !. I also hate sensitive girls that draw and write deep poetry yet they are somewhat geeks , have no social life whatsoever !. I'm not the sensitive type and i am always surrouned by people that love me .

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