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Doubleganger- Doppleganger

"Have you ever heard of a doubleganger? Oh you have, but don't know exactly what it was? Let me help you out, it is an apparition or double of a living person. Can you imagine bumping into a spirit that looks just like you? Seeing a ghost would freak most people out, but seeing a ghost that was a double of themselves would be even more frightening. Some times, these spirits are called cowalkers. Some people believe that for every human on this earth there is a shadow self that is always with them. It is not possible for others to see your doubleganger, only yourself, except for those extremely rare occasions where a doubleganger shows itself to your family or friends. Doublegangers are also advice givers and give humans advice by sending ideas their way. Sometimes a doubleganger can be very mischievous and malicious.

A very strange case took place in 2004 when a European politician was killed. A person said to have resembled the killer was found, but he claimed not to be the killer, but admitted he looked like him. The killer was found and sentenced but he was later acquitted and then died. The resemblance between the deceased person and the person questioned was uncanny. Some say that the acquitted man isn't really dead and that he was a doubleganger that allowed himself to be seen to cause mischief. I admit that this story is a bit far out there, but it is interesting never the less.

There are those that believe that doublegangers let themselves be seen in places that would make it very awkward for the person that they look like. How would you like it if your doubleganger decided to allow himself to be seen on the news with his arm around another woman knowing that your wife would be sure to see this video? This is mild in comparison to a doubleganger that puts himself at the scene of a crime. If one believes in the paranormal in general and doublegangers, then they would have to worry about every move that their doubleganger might make. I am not a devotee of doublegangers nor do I believe in them, but there are those that swear that they exist. We all know that there are look alikes in this world, after all, when you are talking about billions of people there has to be some people that resemble others. Proof of this are the celebrity doubles or doubles that are used by heads of state. I am sure if one were to look hard enough, he or she would find someone who looked like them. The difference about what we are talking about here is that we are talking about the spirit world.

It is said that meeting your doubleganger is not good. I have heard people say everything, from it can mean death, to you lose about 6 years off of your life. One person reported a very strange event. They claim that while waiting to meet someone in a store they saw the person walk by the window. As they were going out to catch that person, the person they were supposed to meet walked in. What made this event even more strange is that both people were dressed in the exact same clothing. But here is the kicker as I like to call it, she noticed that the person that walked by had a piece of paper stuck to their shoe and so did the person that met her. She said she felt shivers go up here spine when she thought about it. Could she have seen here friend's doubleganger? I will leave this answer up to you.

Every once in a while a report of a doubleganger comes in. They are said to be seen all over the world but mostly by those that they resemble. The question is this, if they do exist are they just making themselves look like a particular person or is this something that just happens? Before I go any further, let me tell you that there are people that believe that doublegangers are not spiritual and are just other people who happen to be doubles of different humans. Taking the doubleganger theory further there are some people who believe that spiritual doublegangers do exist and some are good while some are evil. I guess this might come from the story of the evil twin.

In the early 1700s, a stone mason living in Germany was hired to make some repairs in a castle. The castle had a reputation for spirit activity but he paid no attention to this as many places he worked on were said to be haunted and yet, he had never seen a ghost or any ghostly activity. When he reached the castle it was just beginning to darken. He was given a room in the servant's quarters and began his work in one of the high towers the next morning. He worked all through the day, breaking only for food and the occasional bathroom break. As the light began to fade he heard footsteps behind him. Thinking that it was one of the servants he turned around slowly and was startled to see someone standing there that looked exactly like him, he was even dressed the same. He became even more horrified when he noticed that he could see through one of the persons legs and foot. He ran out of the tower screaming, left the castle and never returned. Had he seen a doubleganger? It certainly seems so.

I would like to finish this article by telling you a short story about someone who stated that when they were traveling, they met someone who looked exactly like someone else they knew. They got an invitation to that person's home and went. They were shocked out of their mind when they met the rest of the family. The family looked exactly like their friend's family and had the exact number of males and females. They left there really shaken. Who did they meet, were they really people?

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