Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What i hate

I HATE Cats . I'm a dog person :)
I HATE vegeterians . I'm a normal meat eater.
I HATE natural and genuine people . I'm cool as hell.
I HATE people who draw and write poetry , to do such things you should go inside yourself and be interwined with yourself . I don't know how to draw and only write shallow poetry.
I HATE quiet and shy people . I'm talkative ,Loud and extroverted .
I HATE sane , mature and rational people . I'm insane , immature and irrational.
I HATE introverted people .I'm very extroverted and outgoing .
I HATE people with bad skin . My skin is as clear and smooth as baby's skin.
I HATE people who are close with thier parents and are good with them . I'm a rebel and don't get along with my parents.
I HATE mature adults . I'm still young.
I HATE good people . I'm a very bad girl.
I HATE serious people and people who aren't funny and don't know how to joke .I am a very funny girl who loves to joke and make people laugh.
I HATE nerds ,geeks and Losers .I am a very cool and popular girl.
I HATE people that don't like and don't know how to dance . I am a great dancer .
I HATE weak girls . I am a very strong girl.
I HATE fat people . I am a thin and petite girl.
I HATE people who love food . I Hate food.
I HATE saggitaruis people that are quiet , reserved and not social .I am the cool , crazy and happy- go lucky , life lovin' , people lovin' type.
I HATE dependent people . I am a very independent girl.


  1. so you love yourself and hate others

  2. Well i hate the kind of people that i mentioned :)