Wednesday, February 15, 2012


. I think that there should be air freshener in every bathroom!

. There should be a new horoscope called OCTOPUS!

.There are far too many mentally sick people who don’t take medication, either because they are undiaognized or don't want to take medication , why should you be an exception ?!

.Some people are like layered cake , far too many layers , only that they aren't sweet !

.I beleive that extreme smartness and extreme crazyness go hand in hand .

.I also beleive that sometimes extreme smartness makes a person too dumb .

.I think that the HIGH side of bipolar disorder (manic depression)is to be envied .

. Medication can make some people incredibly dull ,but without it incredibly psychotic.

.You can't love a person too much and be jealous of him /her at the same level as to how you love them , it only means you love the qualities he/she has but you lack.

.I'm sure a girl like YOU have tried EVRYTHING!, sex with the same sex,drugs,smoking, drinking and i wont be surprised if you actually killed someone !

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