Monday, March 24, 2014


I am living in my own apartment now, so my house my rules, which means i get to be laid (mostly a girl on girl action), stay up till the early morning, party from 8:00 p.m till 5:00 a.m, and by party i mean i'm the host of the party!.When i used to live at my parents house, whenever they would travel ..even if it was for one day, i would take that opportunity to party!what kind of girl who would be living alone for a week or so, because her parents travelled, yet she doesn't throw a party!, a LOSER.NERD.GEEK, thank God coolness is in my genes i was born cool and us ,cool people always have easier , especially that our coolness has no limit.We are THEE PARTY! ..WE ROCK ..WE ARE SO POPULAR THAT MADONNA WOULD BE JEALOUS!:))
 That girl below is how i am at my parties.

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