Friday, November 1, 2013

Thank God i'm not her !

I CAN'T imagine myself :

Not being a cool and popular girl , Thank God I'm cool and popular.

Staying in the house most of the time and very rarely going out , Thank God i go out every day and every night.

Having a mental illness ,Thank God i'm healthy and my craziness is cool not sick.

Not having friends,Thank God i have MANY friends (some are close other are just friends).

Being overweight, Thank God i have a petite and thin body.

Being Socially Awkward, Thank God i have social and people skills.

Having Bad skin, Thank God my skin is clear and nice .

Having Bad hair, Thank God i have a nice blonde hair.

Not driving a car and not having a car , Thank God i know how to drive and i have a car

 Not having an awesome and charismatic personality, Thank God i have an awesome and charismatic personality.

Not being liked or loved , Thank God i am liked and loved 

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