Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thank God I'm an EXTROVERT!

I don't know if i have talked about this before in here , anyways this is a post on Thanking God on being an EXTROVERT !

I'm glad and happy that i am an extrovert and NOT an introvert !. I'm blonde and an extrovert so double the fun! 

Us EXTROVERTS are cooler and more outgoing !

Us EXTROVERTS Love to party and dance and are most of the time crazy and wild 

Us EXTROVERTS are Luckier then introverts in that we have more friends , get to know more people , go out more often  , and because we have lots of friends we celebrate our Birthdays and life with people which makes us LIVE LIFE and not watch it go and then reaching an age where we are 30+ and all though our youth we didn't do anything !(like some introverts!).

Us Extroverts are more perky , youthful , energetic 

Us Extroverts are more attractive . charming and confident 

Us Extroverts are more popular and lovable 

Us Extroverts are more talkative , interesting , sometimes loud

Us Extroverts are more happy , more normal (Like allot(not all )  of introverts are weird )

Us Extroverts LOVE life and people 

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