Thursday, August 29, 2013

Something BAD happened >:(

Okay it's not a Life Threatning bad , but it's more like i had a blog that it wasn't  a U.S.A service it belong to a german company , anyways today morning i wrote a couple of posts in it , came back to it afternoon and they say they have maintanence anyways i tried getting to it but couldn't , after a couple of hours tried to log in and write my password and username , but it was written in Germany , later on AFTER i have put my password and username , i google translated what is written and it says to create a free blog , so then i found out that there is login alone (without to create a free blog ) so tried logging in , it stated incorrect username or password , so i chaned my password they said that they have sent the password to my inbox , went to my email and i haven't recieved anything from them , now i CAN'T access my blog , which is SO DEAR TO ME !, it's my personal Therapy ... i write what i am feeling , my poetry , thoughts , quotes , ideas , pictures...etc .

so , FUCK !!

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