Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On living my life !

Well I Love to live my life to the MAX. , like i'm young now so it is the time to live my life , afterall i'm not married which would make me not be as free as when i am single (if i was married) , but because i am not then there is NOTHING that is stopping me from living MY LIFE , the WAY I LIKE and the WAY I WANT ! >:) . I have a motorcycle which i ride and i look so cool in it , it suits me SO WELL!, i always go swimming and shopping with my girl friends , i'm a party animal so you see me in almost all the parties , concerts . I will pierce my ears (soon!) and will pierce my lip (again! ) , I am pretty and cute , with my blonde hair , pretty baby face , petite yet sexy body and my sharp and edgy , cool personality .

I ALWAYS go to the gym and ALWAYS attend ALL the classes there , ZUMBA is my favorite class !

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