Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm the non aging girl ! :)

People ALWAYS think that i am a young teenage girl , it's mainly because of my blonde nice  hair , my petite yet sexy and cute youthful body and my baby face . i think when i reach 30 , i'll still look like a young yet pretty teenage girl . My younger brother looks older then his age , he is almost 22 yet he is mature and also taller then me and looks older then his age in a bit not too much  , my older brother is 33 yet people think he is in his twenties .
I don't look like any of my brothers , i am the prettiest  , the coolest , the cutest ...etc.
Both of my brothers have curly hair , which is cute , but i like my hair more , which is wavy bordering on straight .I'm happy that i still look SO young , also my personality is upbeat , perky , outgoing , extroverted , which keeps me young , after all a youthful personality NEVER ages !

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