Saturday, June 15, 2013

On My Birthdays :)

I'm REALLY lucky to have LOTS of friends , that i happen to celebrate my birthdays with :)), sometimes my friends make a surprise Birthday Party were there will be a custom designed  cake that is something i like , and they will bring me LOTS of presents (one is never too old for a present/s ! ) . I'm SOO lucky to be loved , popular and have lots of people who like me ! , what do you expect from a cool and popular girl like me ?!, People's LOVE towards me of course !!.I know some people that the ONLY people they celebrate their Birthday with is their DIRECT family !!, that's it SO pathatic! ...and at times their direct family don't bring them  nice presents or the Birthday would suck because they go to a restaurant were they are the ONLY people there and the food sucks! , poor people (those who have shitty birthdays and celebrate their birthdays ONLY with their direct family !) . Consider yourself Lucky!(like me) if you happen to have lots of friends , are popular and cool because that means you will celebrate your birthday with LOTS of people or there will be a BIG surprise party from friends and people who love you , and there will be LOTS of presents!

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