Saturday, June 8, 2013

On being a COOL , AWESOME girl :))

Well one of the things that makes me cool (and others too) is being fit and athletic , joining the classes in the Gym (ALL of the classes) . I  ALWAYS go to the gym and gym classes , people who go the gym classes and do the aerobic exercise/s VERY VERY WELL , like me :)) , look so cool while playing the classes such as Zumba , Body Combat , Body Jam , Latin , Body Pump , etc . I look so cute and cool when doing the aerobic excecise/s , many people told me that , especially because i have a petite yet nice looking body and i always wear cool and nice gym clothes . Also the Trainers who give the aerobic exercise/s are very cool and look so cool .
I also have a 100 (if not more ) reasons to why i am cool :) , and what i mentioned here is one of them  .

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