Thursday, December 20, 2012

21st of December ,My Blog's fifth Anniversary

Well , there is something wrong in the dates , today is supposed to be 21st of December , but my blog still has it as 20 December !, so just assume it's written 21st of December . Well it's my blog's 5th year Anniversary , it's almost the 5th year already! . I just remember the day i started writing in the blog , it was under a different name and in another location it was under "Tinkerbell's Neverland",a year ago or so ago i changed the name of the blog and it's location now you can find the blog under coolgirlramblings, it will give you this and the name of the blog which is Rainbows and pink clouds .yet the posts that i had when my blog was under the name "Tinkerbell's neverland" are still there in this blog ..because i didn't delete the blog i only changed the name , the image and the location , Also today is supposedly "The end of the world" , lol ... Anyways good to be alive , and i'm looking forward for the next day .

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