Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's nice to have a YOUNG mother

It’s nice to have a YOUNG mother ! I don’t mean by age only , I also mean that it’s nice to have a mother (regardless of the age ) who is still hip and young and cool and pretty and youthful and energetic . I look at my cousins mother (my cousins from my mom's side)and she is like that even though she’s in her 50’s , it’s like she give the statement that I can be your friend not only a mother and I’m here for a long time .My Aunt is in her early 60's and she is energetic and cool and youthful . I have a friend whose mother is in her early 60’s and the signs of old age have appeared on her , she’s forgetful , she kinda looks old , gets tired easily , isn’t hip or cool , wears unmatched and uncool clothes , likes what old people like.My Grandma has a youthful , cool ,energetic personality even though she's in her late 80's , although her body is weak and old , yet her mind and personality are young , she has a very sharp mind at her age , like she still cooks and keeps the house neat and NEVER forgets anything and remembers everything , and likes to socialize and talk and joke .

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