Friday, November 2, 2012

"Geminis are Snakes" , DUH!

Okay so Gemini’s are vain , selfish , annoying , have anger and ego issues , self-centered , malice , vindictive, narcissistic,along side being moody at times negative . My friend’s sister is a Gemini and A LOT of times she does bad things to her sister , like she would take stuff from her and WONT tell her sister (my friend) that she took them and she doesn't return her things , also she KNOWS that her sister is a vegetarian and doesn’t eat cheese with animal rennet in it , so one time my friend’s parents were out for the day , so she ordered Pizza , told my friend to pay for the pizza (for the delivery boy ) and that she will pay her back , so my friend paid , and she was surprised to see that one of the pizzas that was supposed to be “vegetarian” wasn’t , it kinda was but the cheese was buffalo mozzarella cheese , with tomato and basil , she kept telling my friend this pizza is so good , you have to try it , when my friend asked her why she didn’t order a vegetarian pizza , the one that she usually takes , she told her that this is the ordered the pizza and put her under the situation where she should eat the pizza , because she paid for it also because there is no food for lunch except the pizza ,later one my friend got upset from her sister , and her sister told her " you ate the whole Pizza" and you liked it , why are you upset from me then ? , even though she ate it because she kinda HAD to , she told me it was good , but she wasn't sure if there was animal rennet in the buffalo mozzarella or there wasn't , so that was why she was annoyed .

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