Monday, October 8, 2012

Summer ending sadness

Summer is officially over , now that we are in October and it's Autumn . Well i'm kinda sad that summer is over , had SO SO SO MUCH FUN IN IT! , i went swimming ALOT !! , like went to the Beach and to the swimming pools , i also swam in the Gym's indoor pool . I bought a HELL LOT of Summer dresses and very cute short shorts and mini skirts and Tank tops , oh ! and lots of Bikinis :)) and Jewelery .I traveled with my friends to ALOT of places , to the middle east ... just Lebanon ,also went to Cyprus , Greece , France ,Germany , Italy ( ROME in Particular) , of course enjoyed myself SO MUCH ,went shopping and took lots of pictures , ate lots of good food , went clubbing and partying of course . It's not like i can't do anything in Autumn , i'm a very busy person 365 days in each year !, but the atmosphere you know when it's cloudy and raining or windy , you can't wear your cute shorts or summer dresses anymore :( , especially that winter is coming and usually the sun doesn't come out in winter yea , you could say i am gonna MISS SUMMER !

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