Thursday, October 18, 2012

sorry , for not being an "older" sister !

This post is basically for my 21 year old brother . When i see kids in elementary school and see how young and naive and innocent and weak they are and that they need protection , i remember you when you were their age ,and how the bullies in my classroom (when they were in their teens ) used to go to you and your friends and kinda bully you , i DIDN'T DEFEND you ! , they would come back and tell me how strong you are and that you answer them , but still i should have defended you , especially when we were in the bus and their this bully in my classroom , who told you that my parents found you on the street and you aren't my real brother , you were in third grade at the time an 8 or 9 year old kid , and she was 15 or 16 ! (i hope her future daughter and her son would get bullied as she is pregnant with a boy , and someone would say meaner words to her son!). I think they bullied you because they hated me at the time , and they did bully me . Forgive me for not defending you when i was still in high school and haven't graduated yet ! , i was weak and young and i needed someone to protect me back then ! , i just hope that those who bullied you have their sons / daughters be bullied ! (or they themselves be bullied ) .I know that you stood up for yourself (because you had to) , and that it wasn't only one time that they bullied you , but forgive me for not standing by you !

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