Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On being cool ,energetic, talkative and kinda loud ! :)

well i dislike the company of quiet and calm people ! , it's like being with 70 year olds who don't talk much and are mature and don't have much feelings , like excitement or anger or happiness..etc . I am a very cool and talkative girl who can be loud at times , i like people who listen to what i say more then they talk a lot when i am talking , but i don't like to be their friend.I know a girl whose in her twenties and she is so quiet and doesn't have much feelings , one time she and her mother went to a dentist and the dentist knows her father , so he started asking her questions and she answered so the dentist was like "it seems she took the quiet genes from her father " or something along those lines , her father is almost 70 so if he it's only normal to be quiet , but she is still in her twenties so she's supposed to be young , energetic , has lots of feelings , alive , talkative .To sum it all up , if you are quiet and don't have feelings and are kinda dead , then NO WAY that you will be my friend!

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