Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I never let a moment pass by without doing anything! , i don't like to waste time doing nothing , sometimes doing useless things is better then doing nothing ! , how i spend my time ? , well i am a very social and outgoing person so you see me most of the time outdoors , rarely do you not see me , because i very rarely stay in the house , well when i am outside i am usually in the gym doing ALL the classes and perfecting them from hips and abs to body combat to Zumba to body jam to body attack to RPM to cycling , you name it! , and i do them SO WELL that they became a part of my daily routine , i don't only go to the gym to excercise i also go there to socialize , it's like a club you know ? ,i meet people and become friends with them because i see them on a regular basis so it's only normal to mingle and talk to them , when i am not in the gym i am hanging out with my best friends or girlfriends and we go clubbing or to pubs or cafes and talk and catch out on each others' and others latest news . When i am not with my friends i am doing some activity like lately i am taking a spanish course or go cycling or biking or hiking or i jog around the block, or go to parties and events or shopping with a friend, you could say i am living my youth or living the life that any girl in her twenties should! :)

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