Saturday, September 1, 2012

Having friends makes you lucky!

Well if you are Social and an extrovert and open and outgoing like me :)) , that means you ARE LUCKY ! , because having friends make you a lucky person ? ,well with friends you'll have more love and care and outings and a life and help and popularity and people standing with you during happy and sad times and likes and you will HAVE A LIFE ! , unlike the poor shy and introverted people , especially those who have no one single friend . and the few friends are more like acquaintances not friends or best friends , i think part of it is on the introverts fault that they don't try to improve their personality or character , like they don't improve their knowledge and social skills , they don't improve their weakness like strengthen them , they don't try to have goals and interests . they become dull and boring and shy , and some of it is not their fault , like they are born with certain characteristics or they are born with some kind of mental illness that make them this way . So again if you are one of those who is an extrovert , outgoing , social , open and have friends , then consider your self one of the LUCKY ONES !

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