Saturday, June 16, 2012

And the Luck saga continues !

Well ,you should be very grateful if you happen to be social and an extrovert (like i am :)) ) , you see us extroverted and social people have loads of friends and are popular and loved , when our birthday comes we celebrate it with a 100+ people instead of only family or no one . We rarely stay in the house because every one wants a peace of us , so everyone would be calling us and asking us if we want to go to the farm , the wedding the party , the restaurant , the cafe ...etc . You should pity the introvert , some are luckier then other introverts for having a couple of friends , but most introverts are loners and have no friends , they stay in the house most of the time , because no one calls them to go out and have fun , when their birthday comes they either celebrate it with family or alone .. which is pathetic and sad really ... to even on your special day to not celebrate it with friends , and not have anyone bring you a present or a cake (except maybe family). If you are very extroverted and social then you should know that you are VERY lucky , i know i am ,and you should at least help those introverted people to get out of their shell , since most are shy instead of judging them, making fun of them or avoiding them , especially if you care about them .

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