Sunday, April 8, 2012

There is a good side to every bad side ?

Okay so basically it's not fair to keep blaming my dad and saying all those things about him, (in the posts i wrote before), because i don't know what happened as he is growing older he is becoming nicer and calmer , and i'll really regret it if i always think badly about him and one day he will be gone for good. Yes he has issues and perhaps our personalities clash with each other , but he does have a good side, like he paid for my gym subscription for a year , which is alot !, he nicknames me and asks about me , yea there is a good side to him ,it's just that everytime i say this he blows it , he does something annoying that i get back to hating him , let's hope i still keep having positive feelings towards him and that he wont get back to his angry ,personality disordered self .

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