Friday, March 23, 2012

You are NOT an extension of your parent!

I’m afraid that I will turn into my mother , I HATE to turn into her .don’t get me wrong , I LOVE my mom but wouldn’t want to be her , and I read somewhere that you will inevitably turn into your parent . This can’t be !for I am MY own person and not an extension of my mother ! . I don’t want to make the same mistakes she did like I don’t want to sacrifice a lot from my self to please my husband and children ,I don’t want to marry a manly man who has lots of issues, I don’t want to ignore my looks , I don't want to ignore my health,I don’t want to have just one friend , I don’t want to be too nice and too caring , I don’t want to be submissive especially towards my husband and his mother , I don’t want to not stand for my rights ,I don’t want to be afraid of a lot of things , what I’d like to have from her (some of what i already have )is the love for children, creativity , good writing skills , good nature , good social skills and good communication skills , kindness ,youthful spirit, the love of people towards me ,strength of personality, ambitions , success, intelligence .

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